vr simulator training

Maneuver training with the world's first VR Yacht Simulator!

About the VR Yacht Simulator

The XRNAUT VR Yacht Simulator consists of multiple components: A virtual reality headset, a dedicated  steering pedestal with thrust lever and a 3D software simulation of yachts and environment. The VR display offers true immersive 360 degrees sight. Additionally, you have true 3D stereoscopic vision to estimate speed and distance.
The virtual vessel is controlled with authentic yacht input devices (e.g. a 70cm stainless-steel steering wheel). This allows a fully intuitive interaction.

Benefits of simulator training

A simulator can not replace real experience. Nevertheless, simulator training provides some unique benefits making it a perfect companion to real-ship-training:

  • The simulator is there for you - at any time: winter, summer, daytime and nighttime
  • Your training is much more effective with the simulator: There is no need to navigate back into the starting position just to repeat a maneuver. In one hour of simulator training, you can easily practice 15 berthing maneuvers - for this you would almost need a whole day with a real yacht.
  • You can always rely on the right weather: You'd like to practice crosswind approaches? No problem!
  • You'd like to go on the limits? You better try this only in a simulator...

We provide regular training courses in Cologne (Germany) or close to you (if there is sufficient interest).

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