We have a portfolio of training courses targeted to specific real-world challenges or topics. You will be able to select your course topic during the booking process.

What does course mean?

A simulator training course consists of multiple short lessons to specific challenges. A course will introduce  complex problems step-by-step, so you can build up your skills quickly readily.

Are there English courses?

Courses are currently in German only, however we might provide English courses on demand. Please contact us if you are interested.

How to find the correct course level?

Our courses vary in their difficulty. We have courses addressed to beginners, courses for intermediate or profoundly experienced sailors. If you think about what course fits your experience bear in mind that the training lessons usually are significantly more demanding, than most people expect. Thus, for your first time booking, we would suggest a course which slightly underestimates your experience level.

How are lessons set up?

Lessons differ a lot, depending on the topic of the course. Typically, in introductory lessons you will get a task like: "Berth the boat at a given position." Lessons will have one or more defined start positions. Threrefore, inside any lesson, the challenges you are facing can vary. Additionally most lessons provide a selection of environment properties (e.g. wind direction or speed). Some lessons also provide different physical yacht models or even different yachts.
A lesson can thus range form being a simple straightaway task to being a complex topic-centered challenge. In general you can say, that advanced level lessons, have more degrees of freedom than introductory lessons.

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