Future of nautical education

XRNAUT Sailor Pro: Revolution in nautical education

At XRNAUT we produce the world's first XR Yacht Simulator for professional nautical education. If your business includes nautical education, our simulator will change your life! For the first time ever, sailing schools and clubs can now extend their teaching portfolio by simulator-based practical training.

Unmatched reality by dedicated hardware

Obviously, real hands-on training requires other than a mouse or keyboard to control the vessel. That's why the XRNAUT SAILOR PRO-RX is a combination of sailing yacht steering console and VR simulation. Therefore, the simulated yacht is controlled by our exclusively developed yacht steering console - no VR controllers, no joysticks. For an even more realistic feeling, the simulator console is actually built using original yacht construction parts (such as a 70 cm stainless steel steering wheel). This unique combination makes training with the XRNAUT yacht simulator even more realistic than any pure VR experience.

RX steering console: A compact all-rounder

Our RX simulator console offers a true yacht feeling, at the same time being very flexible. It can be installed in the training room either temporarily or permanently. It is space-saving, lightweight and can be disassembled into several parts for storage or transportation. The removable steering wheel with its approximate 720° range of motion is equipped with an end stop, just like on the real yacht. That makes it anything but a toy, which you can feel right from the first contact. The side-mounted original Teleflex single-lever gearshift is the control center for the ship's diesel engine.
  • Spectator View

    Spectator View for coaching and events An important part of any training is learning from others. Our built-in "Spectator View" therefore enables real-time observation of the virtual world. This also allows the coach to provide timely feedback and tips during the exercise. The "Spectator View" is transmitted to an external screen or projector and shows a drone view of the yacht as well as the trainee's current line of sight and crucial other parameters. Of course, it is invaluable for events and demonstrations.
  • Optimized for professional training

    Optimized for professional training The XRNAUT yacht simulator is more than just a simulator - it offers many features supporting the establishment of full scale simulation training centers. The XRNAUT SAILOR PRO RX is the key into a completely new business field. It currently contains around 20 proven and content-focused training exercises with new exercises being developed constantly. XRNAUT yacht simulator includes free access to the XRNAUT School Portal. Therein, all simulator training activities can be conveniently managed and organized online.