XRNAUT Yacht Simulator consists of a software service and the RX yacht steering console. The steering console is a replica of a typical yacht steering console and is optimized for the simulation of sailing yachts. The simulation software itself, is a part of our SAILOR PRO service package and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial training. 
Our SAILOR PRO simulator package consists of the XRNAUT yacht simulator software, hardware and exercise content. It currently offers almost 20 proven training exercises from the area of harbor maneuvers (under motor). By dividing the training into small, focused training modules, training can be much more efficient.
Currently there are two training yachts (31 and 40 feet). All vessels can be equipped with different physical models. This allows the simulation of different engine and propeller characteristics, turning circles, wheeling effects, as well as braking or acceleration paths.
In addition, each exercise offers a number of modifiable parameters such as wind or current strengths and directions with corresponding effects on the ship's motion. The portfolio of exercises, yachts and ports is constantly being developed, as is the simulator itself.
The entire simulator concept was developed for professional small-group training. Therefore, each trainee has their own learning account and has access to individual course content. The registration of course participants can be done in seconds by a barcode scanner. Due to the individual trainnee log in, instructors can precisely track the performance and training times of the individual participants and see which exercises have been successfully completed.
All trainees (and trainers as well) can save a recording of their exercise at any time. This makes it possible to accurately record maneuvers, demonstrate and analyze them together. Recordings can also be sent to the school and are available for later evaluation or assessment.
The built-in "Spectator View" allows to observe the virtual world in real time. The Spectator View enables the coach to give important hints and tips during exercises. The view is transferred to an external screen or projector and shows, among other things, a drone view of the yacht, the most important instruments and the trainee's current line of sight. Of course, it is invaluable for events and demonstrations - true harbor cinema.